Company profile

Over the last decades, HEINLOTH Transport GmbH & Co.KG, a company of HEINLOTH - the logistic experts, has specialized in the LTL / FTL sector in Western Europe. Our trucks primarily cover long distances in the relations United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Italy and Spain.

As early as twenty years ago, we identified the new trends in the field of logistics services and outsourcing, made the appropriate investments and acquired the necessary know-how. Today, HEINLOTH not only stands for reliable TRANSPORT and FORWARDING services but has also gained an excellent reputation as a provider of complex, sophisticated LOGISTICS SERVICES.

Central organizational and administrative structures ensure short decision processes and thus quick service.

key facts

Headcount220 (commercial/technical)
Business locations1
Warehouse/logistic space2.000 m² geschlossen  
25.000 m² Freifläche
Pool of vehicles375
Techn. Servicecenterown truck service center,
own truck carwash,
own gas station